Additional accommodations

We have another hotel in De Haan

Hotel des Brasseurs

Villa De Torre

Two luxurious flats in the historical heart of De Haan, at the iconic tram station.
Suitable for 2 persons. Spacious modern interior. Equipped with all comforts.

Villa De Torre De Haan
De Torre Memling Avenue
Villa De Torre De Haan
De Torre Tram stop
Villa De Torre De Haan
Villa De Torre De Haan

Hoeve Welgelegen

Vacation home
An exclusive villa, situated in the middle of the vast polders, with a view for miles over the fields. Suitable for two groups of up to 10 persons each, or for 20 persons to be rented together. Country-style furnishings, equipped with all modern comforts, spacious terraces and a large garden. Private parking.

Hotel les Dunes De Haan

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